Some things you should know about design

Today I want to speak about contemporary graphic designers who create original and impressive design. It could be interior design, design websites, outside spaces design and else. The direct where I want to focus my attention is the basic principles and statements of creating the impressive design.

The East is the new West

Over the past few decades we can see the significant changes in all Western visual culture. It use to be a norm that all Western visual creatures must be overloaded with visions. A lot of colors, objects, lines, many different layers, 3 D view are mixed in one picture. And the empty background can be easily judged as a mistake. But if we would turn our heads to the left we would find Easts with amazing tradition of visual culture. Everything starts from deeper and as we can see even the letters and texts are really visual in Easts. Japan and China are the masters of vision, they create light and clear views over the years. And the real wisdom is spreading to the West at the moment because the philosophy of the East is long lasting and never had been interrupted. So now we can se East as an amazing specimen of the visual culture creators. In our West contemporary graphic designers also starts the spring. The new design and art waves a coming from the East as a fresh wind. It reflects everywhere: in minimalistic Scandinavian interior design, in clear, bright and not over loaded design website, even in fashion.

How to create your own design

And now lets zoom your situation. What should you do if you want to create a nice design for your advertisement, invitation or website? You actually have two options. First is to be a handyman in to learn everything by yourself. And the second one is to hire some professional designers and to give them this task. I I were you, I would try to combine both: learning and hiring the designer. You do not want to fail with your website so the master could create it. But you also want to create something like that as well, that means you can start learning even now and who knows – may be one day we will search in a stunning website with your design.

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